NMR Software

Get the most out of your Bruker NMR instrument with TopSpin software for both routine and advanced NMR acquisition and analysis.

Software for the automated calibration of NMR spectrometer parameters to ensure the best starting point for data collection

Great data for all users

all the time

High-Quality Data in Full Automation

High quality data acquisition is a prerequisite for good analysis results. To make sure that your NMR analyses do match your expectations regarding quality, speed, handling, flexibility or automation, we offer several software solutions for accurate data acquisition. No matter if you are working on scientific research projects or if you are running a laboratory that serves all kinds of aspirations – there will be an acquisition software that fits to your daily needs.

Reliable and robust instrument performance is key to any laboratory. Make sure, your instruments performs well and is always calibrated and matches the key parameters you want to use. You just initiate the process once and you can be sure to start your work in the morning with a well-tuned and qualified instrument.

From huge molecules to small ones, liquids or solids, structure elucidation, potencies, purities – no matter what insights you want to gain with NMR analysis, there is a high potential software for your requirements.

Shorten time-to-market with confidence, by gaining qualitative and quantitative insights into molecular structure and dynamics. Bruker’s NMR pharma software supports you in your quality, and your compliance issues and it optimizes the time you are using your NMR instrument.

Let your students experience the possibilities NMR technology can offer – with simple experiments, supported by software solutions that allow fast results with the push of a button.

Mestrelab Research is a well-known provider of NMR software solutions and an important partner of Bruker. The software can handle data acquired with Bruker’s NMR software for further processing, analyzing, and reporting.

A push-button NMR software solution that guides users through easy-to-use dedicated workflows.